Hope, Savior and Killer

You laugh
Not at the silly joke
Not at the situation of us.
You laugh at me
at my hope.

My love
hope is all
hope is the world
hope is what was left, when, opened
Pandora’s box released
such pain upon us.

Hope was what remained

I say we will go to those places
I know
I know how
not today, but we will.
You laugh.

My love
believe your first.
brings the dawn
you, my rose-fingered love.
Its loss

On that bench
staring into the distance
I ask you
I plead with you:
I am a crazed man,
I don’t know sometime who says the things coming out of my mouth
but they come and come.

On that bench
many words, just a way of saying
and my love for you.


On your island


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I am Noman
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