To You In Two Pieces


How possible
from two or three words
three syllables
uttered by you…
Te amo
I love you..
My heart soars,
as an eagle soars on the winds of heaven
My soul becomes
after years of Chernobyl-like encasement
Such light and joy is given me
by you
with so few words
How ?

It is possible.
your words, do this
my heart, my eyes
It is possible
because even though the Museum is poor
without Picaso
the floor is terrazzo,
an old style of beauty

Shining forth in your youth
my style of beauty.


I say: How is it possible ?
You say: What, my love ?
I say: The way I feel about you.
A love so strong
unforgettable, unleavable
I feel life when I am with you

You say: My love, Youseff. I love you.
I say: My soul, I am yours. All I am, all I have, yours.
You say: My eyes, my first……soon, very soon.
Mas temprano de tarde.

Returning from an outing


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