I know you
felt your silken touch on my skin,
your sweet breath on my neck
your gentle caress
I know you

why have you left me ?
Where have you gone ?
What have I done ?
it must have been,

I know you
felt your touch
your caress
your love
Joy !
such joy you brought me
Why have you fled ?
Where have you gone ?
Why am I always near tears
thinking of you
writing of you ?
What is this gaping hole
that lives –
as if it were another being –
a life in my heart

What is the measure of one’s life ?
Is there any sense to this ?
Is it rational or
as you once said we were,
irrational ?
What is the meaning of this time ?
Years spent
in service –
is it too much to say ? –
in service to our people:
borderless, multilingual, multiethnic.
our people
Yet on this bench, in this park
I can’t find you
You’ve fled

Where are you ?
Is it possible
to live another moment without you ?
Is it possible to continue on every day
every day
deeply lost
mourning you ?

Half is what remains
only half of what I was once
I am halved

You say love lifts our soul to the sun
and allows its’ true colors to be seen
But what if…
what if….
in rising toward the sun we burn and fall
and are left with nothing ?
What if…..
can you answer this for me
Rumi ?
You who have spoken to me so many times…
can you ?

Where have you gone
Why did you flee
What have I done ?

Would it have been better,
to have never attempted
to fly ?

August 2013


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