World Clock, My Memory

I knew once
held her in my arms
Fleeting, fleeting

Joy –
spring breaking a cold winter’s hold,
sparrow chicks calling out from a nest in my chimney
as their mother sings the love of all mothers,
A question: Can I kiss you ? As you hold my arm

I knew once
and held her tightly
hoping to keep her near me
so brief was our time

A smell, sound, taste
brings you back, my love
Madrid – time and temperature,
El Greco, Prada, Neruda’s park
Thessaloniki – looking everywhere for you
An apple’s crunch – your smile as we share.

I knew
the meaning of joy
Hoping, praying
it would not end
Sure that, as I held her,
she was mist.

I knew

28 November 2013


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