I Hear You, Nezha

Can I know
you ? Your life ?

Decades of separation
Cleft by time lived,
histories, really
Do I,
Can I, know you ?

Nightly we speak
Yet I’m unsure I understand anything
you tell me
This chasm separating us
– though I’ve known you a lifetime –

Can I know,
your pain, fear ?
What does she see
– soaring above me eagle-like –
scanning ?
How would I understand.

Woman whom I love
what is there,
what do we have
if the simplest words remain unspoken.
The slightest tenderness unsaid.

Old woman
Young woman
Nezha- in all your forms –
do you hear ?
I carry such sadness and pain
for you

How much will you lose,
are you willing to lose,
to maintain the appearance of
Control ?

Such fear
Such pain

The love we accept is what we think we deserve.
You deserve a better love

28 December, 2013


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