Thinking this afternoon
after we touched
from thousands of miles

Here is what
I have left
for you
only for you

Only my heart,
it belongs to you

Only my head
it reminds me of the difficulties
we have and will have

Only my soul
it has been halved and shattered

Here is what I will never
offer you.


I will never
tire of you
Become bored with you
Stop laughing at your jokes
Become indifferent to you
Hold your flaws against you

My heart
My soul
My eyes
Ματια μου
Καρδια μου
Αγαπε μου
Τριανδα φηλιεσ μου

Will you
accept me
as flawed as I am

My jokes
aren’t funny
I am tired
partially used up

And I love you
so much.
Are these flaws


4 July, 2012


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