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I am Noman

Oak Log

The sigh I hear The breath I feel The touch I await The scent from generations away I can find always You are you An oak log. I see you ——— 2017 Here Advertisements

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Upside Down, Inverted

Light becomes dark Water neither solid, liquid, nor gas Color gone Taste absent Sight has become blind The rose’s scent decaying flesh Touch means nothing This world – my life – is become inverted, upside down How ? Why ? … Continue reading

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Am I He ?

Reviewing the list of accusations So cruel and abusive I don’t recognize the man against whom these are made. Yet it is me. I am that unrecognizable man. How is it ? How does a life lived duty, service, honor … Continue reading

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This Silence

The cicada’s buzz I hear clearly Loving the sounds of the South The ocean’s roar never leaves my ears. Such is the beauty of the seaside. The seagulls scream as I interfere with their sunbathing Walking the sugar-white beach The … Continue reading

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I want you to know

so you know what I’m thinking …. …. …. 10 times 10 times 10 over and over

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Was It A Dream ?

I saw this as if in real time Everything I knew and loved lost in real time Family, friends, skills struggled for over a lifetime A woman whom I love. Lost. What fool ignores Cassandra? Priam, how could you? I … Continue reading

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There is Fear, Muse

This is for you, Muse We spoke often of Plato and the Athenian generals: What is bravery? What is courage ? Bravery: doing what we must despite overwhelming fear Courage: the ability to extract fear, look at and understand it … Continue reading

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