Is It Strength ?

I dreamed of you
my love
last evening
Not perhaps the dream I would have
wished for……
something erotic, “make sure I’m balanced”.

No, nothing like that.
Those dreams don’t recur now.

We walk through a flowered
Shoulders brushing
fingertips just touching.
You comment on an old sturdy oak….
“What beauty, what strength…”
Walking past this force of nature,
the boring of beetles can be heard,
destroying it from inside.
It only appears strong.

In the distance a hawk soars
held aloft in wind’s arms –
as I would hold you my love.
Such beauty, such strength, yet
banking right, she shows us her scars, a battle she will soon lose.

Both real, both limited.

My body, heart, mind
all belonging to you
Yes, strong.

But what good does that do me ?
I am being consumed
as if by those oak-eating beetles,
scarred by battles I no longer remember, but lost.

Am I strong enough ?
Is there any strength to overcome
the loss of a First?
Of a love so deep ?

Odysseas might fail…..
and I ?


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I am Noman
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