Rose-Fingered Dawn

Dawn dresses in her pastel pink-blue finery
preparing to smile, to warm
snow-covered fields
blown-bare trees, standing alone

Standing alone
as a lover left
by the one he loves
Stripped bare
Covered in wounds
Unsteady on his feet

Once, smiling like Dawn
you warmed in me all that was cold, forgotten, silent
Silent for decades
You did this

No longer
Having lost you so many times before
lifetimes ago
Again I lose you
A play repeated through time:
Sadness is transformed to joy
– and what joy ! –
then despair
Through time, through a life
my life

Rose-fingered Dawn completes her journey
over her kingdom a cold dark silence falls

Your absence,
felt as passionately as when you were here
leaves, as well, only a cold, dark, silence.

27 February, 2014


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