Such Gifts I Offer

You flew, Muse,
hearing all I would give to you
all I had to offer:
The wrath of family and friends.
And why not ?
Who would wish for these ?

You flew, Muse,
when offered these gifts
Overcome with fear
Enveloped in shame
Who could blame you ?
Certainly not I, who bore you these

You flew, Muse,
Yet now returned
Afraid still but,
as Plato demands,
with courage, fear analyzed, controlled
You continue on the path we began

Our time is so short
there is much to do
Pain, sorrow, yes
but joy, love, meaning, wine too
The shame will, as well, will pass

You flew, Muse,
but you’ve returned
Despite the gifts
laid before you.



About teserak1

I am Noman
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