A Note of Forgiveness to a Young Friend

after a night of lovemaking
two lovers –
one younger and one older –
look at one another.
He, staring into her deep blue eyes, drowning
She, seeing the forest in the brown of his eyes

Theirs had been a time filled with passion
Passionate reading
Passionate talking
Passionate work
Passionate lovemaking
It was, as she said, a love that would never end

But who can speak so ?
Only the gods know what will last forever
and what will end.

On this morning
she looked at him and said:
My love, it is time for me to go.

Drowning, in the depths of her blue eyes, surprised:
What does this mean ?
You said you loved me
You said you would always love me
You said so many things
You said all of this
You wrote these things.
I have your poems !
I have your letters !
How can you say we are no more ?
There is no Us ?

They were all true
When I said them, the words
When I wrote them, the poems and letters
they were all true.
But today, I must leave

Help me understand why ?
He begged her
This was not a man who would beg, yet in front of her,
this beautiful and wondrous woman, he begged.

All I know is that I must leave.

This no-answer
threw him into a rage

Breaking cups, sacred,
from which they had once shared wine
Cursing the gods

No small thing, this love,
it was, for him, everything

She had never seen this
It frightened her.
Stop my love stop,
she said.
What is this ? What is this ?

The man
feeling foolish
It is not that the pain was gone
It wasn’t.
He knew, in that moment, that she would go.
What would remain, was such pain.
But he know as well
that love, not given freely, is not love at all.
Rather, it is abuse.

Go my love, if you must, go
Find what you seek.
But remember, please
that I will be here,
I will wait as long as I can.

Because while you may no longer love me
my love for you is undiminished.

not given freely
is not love at all.

And with that, they dressed
bid goodby
and parted.

He wrote her one last letter
sent it
and then
What had been was no more.

July 2017


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