I Know

Once we would have said
“Purge the registers”
Who even knows what that means today,
this reference to boilers ?
Today you might say
“Clear the RAM”

I know, my love –
and you are my love –
what you are doing.

Your silence
even if not meant to be,
is still silence.
Unanswered notes,
even though your intention is to respond.

I know, mi corazón,
what you are doing.

You attempt to purge this “Us”
Purge the registers.
Clear the RAM.
Remove us from your mind
to see what remains.
Once rebooted, purged
are we still there ?

Mi alma
once rebooted
you will find that we are still an us.
Of this I am confident.
Those words, touches, embraces were no accident
No mis-step on this, our path.

My only fear,
how long ?
There is so little time, mi amor,
it passes so rapidly

Reboot !
Purge your registers !
I await,
fearless, for you.

I await,
shameless, for you.



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