I Am Cassandra

In the distance
Joyous shouts and screams
Children at play.
Yet no smile crosses my lips, hearing this

I am Cassandra
I can see
I know
Yet what I know is

Once I warned family, leaders
This horse is a trap !
Fool, they replied,
This is a gift from god.
And my city, my Troy, fell.

Today, my sight is set on only one,
My Muse.
We are no more, she says, I will let you go.
Muse !
Must I repeat it all here ?
My Batini, how can you go like this?

Love whom you will, yes. I know
Not me, even though once it was.
How will you avoid the fate of so many, how ?
You released my hand
we no longer walk on this path together.
There is so much to do !

Walk with another if you find him.
Leave me, cloaked in darkness,
again unseen, alone.
As when we found each other

Bastard Apollo !
This gift you’ve given me
destroys my heart
piece by piece.
Love, by lost love.

I am Cassandra

Again, cursed by god


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