What Can I Say ?

What is left to say to you,
mi amor ?
How might I resuscitate that heart –
your heart –
the one I wish to make mine ?

I know your fear:
What will be said ?
Who will reject me ?
How will I suffer ?

There is pain
There will be suffering
But you will not face this alone
my love
I stand now, and always, by your side.

You think:
“So you say.”
This fear, being left alone
rejected, cursed.
Why should you trust me ?
How could you trust me ?

I know
I see standing near you
Sister Fear.

You say:
If my words, my feelings were in error
why aren’t yours ?
How can I be sure, safe ?

Alma mio,
safe is elsewhere
sure is a wish.
I don’t offer safety, pleasure, surity.
Only seeing, becoming
and my love.

I know every reason to say no.
I know the irrationality of Us.
I know all of this.
Still, you remain my heart, my eyes, my soul.
I will take irrationality and you.

Leave Fear behind
Leave her step-sister Error by her side.
Walk with me.
What might I say
so that we are together, again,
on this path ?


Waiting for you, here.


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I am Noman
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