What You Give Me

What is it you’ve given me ?
During this short time we’ve been an
What do I find,
reviewing this life, mine ?

you’ve given.
I drank this like a man
meandering in from the desert.
Wishing for more.
Is there more?

And taken ?
What have you taken ?
For there is no give without
What taken ?

Now you are seen
No longer silent
You question where before
obedience ruled
You are loved.
All this you’ve taken
Such joy it gave me
to see
to give.

What words do I have ?
How might I say ?
Tell you how my heart fills
thinking of you
A dance
A kiss
A touch, such a touch
“…what is this ?…”
Such a touch.

All this is true
I lived and tasted this

Why then
am I lost ?
Why ?
Where are you my love
my heart
Why no longer near me ?
Not distance
separates us.
Why this sense of
Sheath your dagger.
Heal my heart,
open to you still.

Those things we shared:
you had told no one, but me.
I had told no one, but you.
Your eye was caught by a shiney object.
Turn your gaze this way !
I’m here !


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I am Noman
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