You Enter My Shop, It’s Not a Mistake

There are so many different wines
Sweet, blended, savory.
Wines that are from one grape only

My friend !
In this richness of wines
why does picking up the wrong glass,
an accident,
make you so sad ?
You’ve only picked up the wrong glass
A life has not been

In this carpet store
with thousands of different carpets
throw rugs, things that are beautiful to the eye.
You choose a carpet, but
getting it home, it doesn’t fit with your chairs

My dear friend !
My love !
Why is this a problem ?
No life has been extinguished
No-one has been hurt
It is simply an error.

A young woman
For years – for her life –
she knew silence
she knew obedience
she knew her place was not to question.
She walked into a store that was run by a man –
an odd man, to be sure –
and he said to her:
Be joyous !
Question everything !
What emotions do you have that you would like to show me ?
I have clothes for every emotion,
I have chairs for every feeling
What would you like ?

And she showed him.
He had chairs and clothes that she had never seen
in all her life.
In reality, it wasn’t the clothes and chairs she had never seen,
it was the feelings, thoughts, speech that she had never heard before,
felt before.
Her own feelings, thoughts, speech.

He loved her
She loved him
It wasn’t easy
But this is life, nothing is easy,
never is it easy – remember the words of Rumi.

And then, one day,
she put on the wrong clothes,
sat in the wrong chair
Or so it seemed.
A great sadness fell over her
Because the man loved her so much he tried to take the sadness from her
it became him, this sadness
until he realized that, doing so, he provided her no help at all

Why so sad my love ?
You’ve only put on clothes that are wrong
just one size too big
Take them off ! There are others.

Why so sad my love ?
That you sat in this chair
that’s not quite the right one
Get up ! Get up !
There are other chairs !

The owner of this store loves you so much
He will show you, give you,
other chairs.
Don’t be sad.

Why is a mistake so devastating ?
How is this possible ?

There was once a woman,
She is no longer silent or unseen
She is loved.
The man who loves her sees her, hears her.
Does she know this ? I think yes.
Does she remember ? I think yes.
Is she afraid ? I think she is.
Will it make him change his mind about her ? NEVER !

I tell you NEVER
my love

He will never stop loving you,
waiting for you, wanting you,

Takeoff those clothes, get others
Get out of that chair, there are others
Look ! Look ! He is showing you these.
GO to him my love. Go to him.



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