A New Theory of Dementia

I know why, Nezha, in the twilight of our lives we begin to lose our mind,
act as children, unable to dress, feed, clean ourselves.
I now know what happens in old age.

The accumulation of injustice, hypocrisy, unfairness.
The rank amateurism of leaders, who should know better.
All of this slowly, surely takes a toll
at some point that mind, unable to break, incapable of resetting,
begins to melt.
The result is this thing we call dementia

If we were only able to question our elderly, as they shuffle, or sit immobile,
staring into the nothing.
If only we were able to massage them, their minds,
knead the indecency, unfairness, injustice, broken promises, broken faith from those minds
If only.

Their eyes, no longer glazed, would see us again, as if for the first time.

They would smile

There is a theory for dementia


11 May, 2017
It did happen here

For those on the path to becoming


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