He Said

I Love You he said
Like the rose-fingered dawn
loves the morning, is the morning,
as she climbs the lightening sky.

I love you he said
As the night, dark and deep,
loves the moon, urging it to light the depths

I love you he said
As you love me ?
You’ve brought light with your presence,
joy with your gentle voice, beauty with lips smooth as marble, with Helen’s gently curved neck

No doubt
Even if irrational
I love you, he said.
I fear you for I love you so
You’ve become air to me
Without these……I perish

Accepting the fear, risking heart
Already a veneered gaping wound……
I love you, he said

Latitude 67 degrees 48 min North
Longitude 12 degrees 50 minutes East


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I am Noman
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