Searching for an Island

You’ve left me
nothing Remains
Memories – Cafe y Te, Mercado San Miguel, Neruda’s Park.
Sirens that draw me toward the abyss
on which I teeter,
try as I might to inch around it
This Nothing from which there is
no escape, no freedom

Arms and legs leaden – the same arms you once found so alluring –
Continuing on so very alone
Stroke after stroke, waves breaking over me wash away, what ?
Memories ? Bitterness ?
I swim on

This life is like an ocean
broad, solitary, silent
the occasional island – joy, tenderness
Searching for my lost island
alone, aching, bleeding

The abyss, my Heart
is all you’ve left me
It lives, breathes, bleeds

Searching for that island from which I was removed
Where once I found
Now, nothing remains
You’ve left me only Nothing

Once, Cassandra-like
Saying to you:
‘You will find someone and forget…’

‘No, you don’t know me if you think that…’

I did think it
I did know you
You’d did find someone

And you forgot

This abyss grows
threatens to swallow
swimmer and his ocean.
Searching for an island
stroke after stroke
somewhere, there is an island
You are there


August 2014
Latitude 67° 48′ North, Longitude 12° 50′ East


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I am Noman
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