For You, Persephanie

I will smile
no tears at the end of this saga.
Swimming, alone, far from land
Only the swish of parting water.
Smile, no fear

You held, once, my heart in your hands.
Saying: “This thing of love, this gently throbbing bird, is safe in my hands.”
I believed.

And then, like the letters, 12 Weeks, the small Moleskin
Thrown away.
It was, my love, something of value…
my heart, my Heart

Cafe & Te
our city
No fear
No time for fear, anger,
only sadness.
Silence, memories of love lost. Of what, perhaps, once was.
only the water’s parting swish.

Words have meaning my love.
not spray and pray.
Mine as well as yours.

I’ve wasted them.
Careless, reckless use of these gems.
What have I done with words ?
Rivers of tears, my words.

And yours ?
How does one go from loved
to irrelevant ?
Voiced to voiceless ?
Seen to invisible ?
How ?

You held, once,
my heart.
Safe, you whispered,
you are safe with me.

Words have meaning.
We all change, but not
like colors on a wall.

Words have meaning.
I wish you, I wished you
As before
As now
As always.
Words have meaning,
my Heart.

23 March, 2014


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