Upon Arising

Upon rising
this morning, as all others
I pray to my gods.
No, not those of the east
nor of Rome.
My gods:
Pray that I may be worthy

As rose-fingered Dawn begins her ascent into the heavens,
I walk with her
on my sheathed arm
So many times we’ve walked together
In the clearing
near our teserak
I remove her hood
raise my arm
and off she flies,
this raptor

From far above she glances
between me and what she wants
Each time I ask:
Will she return ?
She needn’t
She isn’t mine
or anyone’s.
She only is with me for this time
this journey, this day.
A part of my heart.

she needs no person
with the unwary hare in her talons
back she comes

Each morning
as rose-fingered Dawn climbs into her golden chariot,
I rise and pray:
May I be worthy
of all this
and of the trust she has placed in me
as she returns
landing, strong
upon my outstretched
sheathed arm

28 October, 2013


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I am Noman
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