I smile, thinking of you

At last
the fall is broken –
if only for a moment
Have I touched down ?
Hit bottom ?

So deep, so dark
Looking up I see shooting stars
as when we were together
embracing in our teserak
So deep, so dark
From this hole I see
stars as brilliant as you –
as we –

Instead of tears
now, on the occasion
of a lunar eclipse,
I smile thinking of you

So much loss
needless pain
You are no longer in my life
Nor I in yours
But I remember…
such joy, such love
this image is part of me

How I want you
in this life’s-maze
How I miss you
all of you

You may be sure –
ματιά μου. καρδιά μου –
of this
Always will I love you
What I’ve offered is yours

You remain, always
through time and space,
my great love, my half
even though I am none of these
to you any longer

searching for its home
Bright sunshine
without which there is no daybreak


19 August, 2013


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I am Noman
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