People’s Rule

Why now ?
How is it you’ve returned to me
Why now ?
What are you trying to tell me ?

I see you still
as if it were that
first evening

Stooped from the loads carried
Gnarled fingers
Leathered skin
browned and baked
by years of walking those mountain paths
bright as a youth’s

I can see you still
Slowly rising
A quiet settling on the crowd
as a wave
Faces turn toward you

He stops his self-important agitation
and turns his gaze upon you

Did he think you would speak ?
Silent for so many years
A weight, that silence

Eyes fix on you
as you stand
The gaze of these many hold you up
Faces upturned
A silence
about to be broken

Pointing to us – the young physicians –
you smile

we want them here. They will care for us
and our children”

You return to your seat

Why have you returned ?
What difference
could a revolution make ?


December 1981
15 June, 2013


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I am Noman
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