My Love: Your Life, A Few Words

Rose-shadowed light filters on this road
traveled by so many.
It was not always so

The gentle flutter of butterfly wings
raises a passionate storm
whose thunderous scream
is nothing more than your beautiful smile
and half closed eyes

Twisted branches of an old oak tree
call to us like the wind whistling through barber-wire.
Twisted, like our fingers entwined together

The subtle rolling
voluptuous mountains of my valley
as gentle and soft as the folds of your body.
Enticing, warm, welcoming

What life will you have my beauty ?
How can I know ?

I know only as a man
As a jeweler knows diamonds
I know you
As a breeder knows his horses
I know you
As a farmer knows his land
I know you

I am only a man
my eyes
my heart
my love
Only a man

I see only as a man:
A woman of beauty and kindness
A woman of honor and decency,
troubled by her desires
A woman on whose neck is felt the breath of
A woman who seeks a bit – only a bit –
of joy and love.

And why not ?
Why should she not have this even if it has come late ?

A brilliant and warm healer
who cares for her patients as she would care for her family….
who cares for her family as she would care for her patients.

Discoverer of truth
writer of truth’s story.
Humble, gentle,

Treading the path of
Rutted and rough
trod upon by so many before her.

Seeker who takes the hand of her
For now,
only for now
is a guide needed.
All need, all become,
a guide

My love
My heart

Your life will be
full of love
You will fail on occasion,
the price of trying
You will cry and laugh
You will bring joy to many
sorrow to a few.

You will be true to yourself,
True to what you think you should be,
You will love wisely
Your direction will be your own

Do you think it a joke ?
Do you think it false ?

“I am a young internist with a thirst for knowledge”

Neither a joke nor false,
this describes you and your passion

Your life, my beauty,
is a spring sunrise.
A summer thunderstorm.
The first gentle snow of winter.

Your life, my love,
your life……how I wish to be part of it.
Rubbing shoulders, fingers entwined,
a gentle kiss to my cheek.

That smile
That laugh
That look

Your life,
so rich
such love
such pain
such beauty

It is yours.
You will make it all of this and more.
But you will make it.

Tread this path with me
for now
Soon, too soon,
you will guide another,
as I guide you.

Tread this path with me
as you Become.
You are, my love,
as nature:

You are,
my love….


2012 / 2013


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