There Is a Stone

The pulsation of my heart
In turmoil
it doesn’t remember how to

There is a stone
in my heart
Congealed emotion

Closed, sealed for so long
I opened my heart
this portal

Bright light
the aroma of spring flowers
chatter of bluejays

This liquid living flowing
smoothly functioning
as a heart should

How does a heart function
when its portal struggles
to remain open ?
How ?

Without love
all emotion
all beauty
to stone

There is a weight
My heart’s pulsations irregular
A weight knowing no limit

Only when this door again opens
uncongealed liquid flowing
will I fly with you

This weight keeps me grounded
There is no leaving the ground
carried on your soft arms aloft

This stone
this weight
I allowed it.
My heart again propel liquid
will remember
spring will return
You will return




About teserak1

I am Noman
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