Which of These ?

How many of me
are there ?
Which of these
am I ?

Rushing stream
Steam rising from your tea
Rain caressing the gentle curves
of our land

All of these
the same
All different

I am
I have been
Will I be ?
Where, how…

I’ve walked these stony
strewn with debris
souls, hearts of those who’ve
gone before me
before us

They speak
Will I hear ?
Can I hear ?

My love, will you hear ?
Can you hear ?
Is this a language
we know….

What is a life ?
How many parts does
one have ?
One life
One man

I am blind
I am cold
I am on a mountain path
narrow, endlessly deep
Walking toward this sun
your love

To Helen

To luxuriate
in the warmth of your
Your love

If I could
I would love you
I would complete the :halves
Water, sand
Wind, air
Hunger, food

How many am I ?
And you ?




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I am Noman
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