There Is No End

Does wisdom
come with age ?
Or only age ?
Where can I find
wisdom ?

I have burned
and come back
many times in these weeks

Each time
my Last

Your love
assured my survival

I have no idea
if this ends
or how

Only this
I love you tonight
more than this morning
and that will not end

There is no end
but our death

Until then
I will love you
and wait for you

At your side
even from afar
embracing you
even if only as the wind
Making love to you
if only through words

There is no end
my love
just us
Helen and her Hero
bloodied, dirty, tired
but still standing
full of love
and life

There is no end
to my love for you

Tell me

My love


27 August, 2012


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I am Noman
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