May I Say This to You ?

I can count
One hand
Five fingers
Five things to say

Can I tell you these ?
May I ?

One – I love you.
Before I found you I loved you.
Before I knew you I loved you

Two – I will always love you.
Open my chest, rip out my heart.
Filet my abdomen, gouge out my liver.
Your name will be on my lips as I die
and my last words will be:
I Love You.

Three – Like the eagle floating above me now,
both separate from and at one with the air that holds him aloft,
I am one with you.
We are a pair,
Without the air the eagle is grounded

Four – Without you, I am incomplete.
My heart won’t beat.
My breath is absent.
Can’t see, feel, smell, walk.
Am only partly alive.

Five – I fear these feelings.
How can I love so much ?
Am I a moth drawn to the candle ?

Tell me
my brave soaring eagle
of your love for me
Tell me.
Will you ?


13 September, 2012


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I am Noman
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