on this street

Man and dog
pass through me
I am not there

I am
The Man who Wasn’t There

Entrance and exit
Portals to change
to difference

New room
Different home
Different place

Through this door
Paul’s city
Through that door
Through a third door
transparent, not present
And through a fourth
never again in this life
to be found

Through which of these doors
– all of them perhaps –
will I pass searching for you ?

Here, surrounded and alone
in the city of Phillip
With you I have
passed into heaven
No vulgar nationalism, this
Only the citizenship
of those who love

And I will pass through that other
Through which we all pass
through which we do not return

Our journey is like this
On this path, even to turn back
is a different path
There is no retracing steps
no what-if
no I-should-have, I-shouldn’t-have
Only our now

I look for you
on the other side of that door
Every door
Any door
Where are you ?

I see you still
In the open door
that is my heart
you envelop this shattered
with a love that is,
I watch as you re-weave
the shredded threads

Eyed by the Moroi
you stay their hand
For you, I would do the same

Which door ?
Where ?
Everywhere I look
for you


22 August, 2012


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