Alexander’s Path

I walked out
on a cold night
looking for my heart
I could no longer breathe
being heartless

The path I took
led me up a narrow
walk way
in the mountains of

I found ruins
storage places
deserted by the gods
Where Alexander feared to walk
I was

I searched
for you
my heart
I walked to the old amphitheater
and called to you

Snakes, foxes
looked at me
They want nothing
from a heartless man

When there was no reply
but my echo
I took my violin and began playing
hoping the music
would draw you back

I caught sight of you
Oh my heart
on a distant ridge

You’ve not returned
but as long as I can see you
feel you
I have hope

The cold
The dark
will not deter me
I will find you
We will be
Oh my heart !

The indifference
of the snakes and foxes
Let it not be yours !




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I am Noman
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