A Dream – 2

This is my dream
No water
No air
No Connections

A soft mist obscures
the unclear terrain.
In the distance
I see her,
I knew her
I know her
Work, love, travels, philosophy
I shared with her
I see her
I know her

I reach out to
this part of me
For that is what she appears
Separate, yet not
We are one
We have been one

Is this life’s meaning ?
To be fearful of love but to love
To be hesitant to love but to love
To run from love, but to love
And finally end in one’s love’s embrace

And then
loving as much, as joyous, as tender
as possible
to feel the weight of
the approaching pain

What is this love ?
From which daggers shred a heart
What is this love ?
Which brings rivers of tears
Gethsemanes of agony
What is this love ?
That leaves victims scattered
throughout the misted landscape

No answer

This is known to me:
We have minutes here
and then we are gone
Whether we love or not, we lose all

To choose to love.
despite the pain, the agony
will not prevent the loss.
All will be destroyed

Looking at my love
in the distance
Even the pain that has come, that will come
causes no diversion.
I choose this path
Alone, surrounded by others
I remain
I wait

My love will take my hand
we will fight
to the end
even though we lose.
I will feast on this love
until the end

Where this ends is known.
We control how we arrive


5 September, 2012


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