Deep and Endlessly Long

The valley in which
I live
Hundreds of feet deep
Enough to contain a
Hasn’t the depth
to contain
the love I feel for you
the sadness I feel
for you

Deep and
endlessly long
It hasn’t the depth to contain what
I feel for you

Ya kalbi, gher enta

The battle you fight
is fought alone
No-one can help you

The pain of this battle
will not soon be assuaged
There is no battle so

Our lives
a constant struggle
to find and stay on
a path
Some path that, we hope,
leads somewhere.

All the paths lead in only one direction
we will all arrive
at that place
One river, many branches
all leading to the sea

Create as much love and good
as we can
In the time we have

That is the path
They all end in one place
There is little time

Ya kalbi, gher enta




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I am Noman
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