To an 8 year old boy

Through the ED we wheeled you
Tubes from every orifice
Eyes closed
trying to remember what they had seen
in your too few years.

Riding your pony
an outing
Perhaps “the first vacation in ages”
Sky blue above
Lake of crystalline turquoise,
ahead a weathered granite.

On that beautiful, sparkling
weathered granite
your young brain was crushed as you fell from your pony
perhaps spooked by light
reflecting from the lake
that beautiful lake.

That was…..
how long ago
three weeks, ages
a lifetime,
your lifetime.

Near death
that is what we said
you were near death.
Aren’t we all ?
Charon’s breath can be felt on our necks always
if we but pay attention.

Tonight, through the ED
we wheeled you
Still near death
still fighting.
All that is left of you
crying out !
What chance have I had ?
You ?

As you passed by
tubes from every orifice
eyes closed
trying to remember what they had seen
I heard you cry out
I saw you

Trained to be dispassionate
I saw you
My eyes screamed
brain spun
seeing, hearing
those unseeing eyes
your cry

Across the table from my friend, my love
who isn’t there.
I want to tell her of your struggle –
where is she ? –
Thinking of all that could have been yet wasn’t
All that could still be, but isn’t.

More time, lost.
I feel Charon’s breath
My love, where are you ?


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