Places We Will Never Go: 3

Walking along Monesteriou
You tell me how much it looks like our city
We hear sorriful music coming from a booth in the Plaza
I turn your eyes from the photos
On the waterfront,
we stop at the Monument of the 50,000
taken in 1943 to Auschwitz.
5th digits inertwined you comment:
we are all Jews, all Armenians, all
We walk back to this small room
at the door,
Why, oh why, did it take so long
why, oh why did we lose so much time

I look at you
this is just a dream
just a dream
Another place we will never go

I walk away
stop and speak to you
not there:
The photo of the restaurant…..that waterway
This is what I would have showed you;
This is where I would have taken you.
You are not here.
Where are you ?
Where have you gone?

There is no response

20 April, 2013


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I am Noman
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