Places We will Never Go: 2

We are walking on the island near the ocean.
We walk into the port town.
There are several gelaterias …we go to each of them and have just a bit of gelato.

Write me 1 or 2 words he says, places we will never go together….
I am doing this…….a letter you will never read….

We keep walking. Our shoulders brush. You look at me and I at you…..we smile at each other.
We walk to our room….I slowly undress you… I whisper in your ear a story of where we might be together one day… look at me in surprise.
We are…here you say. We are here.
I look at you, a tear falls from my eye onto your face. No… We are not here. It is a dream……a dream.

This is a place we will never be. We hold each other tightly.
The tears are real……
I say to you:

Sou axize mia kalitere agkalyia

… smile.


14 July, 2012


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I am Noman
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