Not Wise, Not Brave, Not Strong…

I will not be wise today….I can’t be wise.
Yes, I am with you on that island.
Yes, I can see you through my hands, as I run them over your beautiful body.
All true. All a dream

Forever….this is what happens after we die.
There is no return, no make up, no second chances.
Now….this is where we are.
Forgive me. I can’t be wise or smart or calm.

You are now like me –
you have no home
no country.
You have me
I will be your home
I will be your country.

Lost in Translation: What did he whisper to her, on the way to the airport ?
The cab stops, he gets out, he walks toward her.
He takes her arm and she turns:

“I love you like no other. You have given me more than I could ask for. Come to me. Come to me. All I can promise is that I will do all I can. Yes there is risk. But in doing nothing is more risk. I will not be able to live without you.”

He returns to the cab and leaves.
What happens ? We don’t know.

With us ? What will happen……..
Helen, my love
I will be your country, your home, your family.

Come back.

Walking along a mountain path
I’ve slipped
Fingers in a hand-hold,
Life slips, I am slipping.
I will die.

I see you coming.
You reach out for me.
To save me.
To save us.

Come back.
Anything I can do I will do.
I will be your family, your country, your home.

I am not wise, I am not brave, I am not strong.
I will die on this mountain.
I cannot hold on for the rest of my life.

I don’t know where this ends.
I am on the edge of this abyss with you.
I don’t know where this ends.
On the edge of the abyss.

Come back.
Forever is death.
All we have is now.
Forgive me for loving you
Forgive me for ruining you

But I do love you.
It is September 12th; everything has changed.
I remain your great love, your poet
a man, a home, a country, a family.
All that is good I am;
all that is bad, I am.


13 July, 2012


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