To Dream

Was it a dream ?

I awoke
Armor shattered
sword broken
shield split

But I awoke

On the field in front of me
on the Plain of Troy
lie thousands
dead and dying

Who are they ?
Are they me ?
Am I they ?

But I awoke

Behind me
Only the walls
Where once mighty Troy looked over this plain
The stench of death
surrounds me

But I awoke
In this waken state, I dream again:

If I were there with you
we would just talk first
While we were trying to do work
Then I would look at your lips
You would look at my neck
Then I would want to kiss you
like I do right now
But I would not be able to
because of the lights
So you would take me upstairs

What dream is this ?
Who is this speaking to me ?

A love I have lost and found and lost

I awoke, standing
on this Plain
of Troy


11 July, 2012


About teserak1

I am Noman
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