My White Hot Love

I am with you
I am beside you

I can see you
I can touch you

I am never far



5 July, 2012


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I am Noman
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8 Responses to My White Hot Love

  1. Dagenn says:

    Always present, never gone.
    Is this love?

  2. Noman says:

    My Dear Dagenn:

    Is this love ?
    It is unbearable



    • Dagenn says:

      If love were mild,
      would we want it so?
      Do we long for a lukewarm tea?
      Or gasp after coolish snow?
      We don’t.
      We must learn to brave the fire
      Fight through the flames
      Because if we didn’t have the scars
      If we didn’t have the pain
      The rewards wouldn’t be the same.
      Unbearable is only so
      As long as we let it remain
      and above us.

  3. Noman says:

    My Dear Dagenn:

    What is this pain
    burning the heart
    of my soul ?

    Yes, Ive known
    that with great love
    comes great pain

    there is no breath
    there is only emptiness
    there is no heart
    only a shredded organ
    seeps from my chest,
    my eyes

    A wound that I cannot

    Untouchable ?
    Above me ?

    My god
    My god
    I am death
    every breath
    every heartbeat

    walking I asked
    my Helen:
    What is the meaning of life ?

    Happiness ?
    To learn to love
    and then to realize
    all will be lost

    And today
    heart a ruin
    soul crushed

    Only blood
    only pain

    How can such beauty
    such light
    such joy
    Cause such pain

    Scars ?
    i am scarred

    Pain ?
    I am unable to breathe

    Brave the fire ?
    What is bravery ?
    Action taken in the face of overwhelming
    Perhaps I am brave.

    Here is the question:
    Could I give up this love ?
    Would I ?

    I regret nothing
    Only now,

    • Dagenn says:

      Pain is
      a part of life.
      It reminds us of a heart that beats
      if only to push the blood out of our veins
      onto the uncaring floor.
      As long as I breath in air
      I shall feel the pain of my heart
      in my chest.
      With every word I speak
      I pull the life from my lungs.
      So for every word of love,
      I shall die a little more
      Because it pulls from my heart
      and my lungs
      and my soul.
      Death shall come with the absence
      of feeling.
      When I can no longer love
      No longer give away my air
      When I am empty
      I shall fall.
      Love is
      That which completes
      That which fills
      The heart that beats
      When you find
      Who is willing to pour
      Their breath,
      Their blood,
      Into your
      and Lungs.
      Life is a search
      for meaning
      for success
      for love.
      Love is a journey.
      Love is pain.
      Love is life.
      The scars we bear
      are love.

  4. Noman says:

    My Dear Dagenn –

    I want to say
    thank you


  5. Noman says:

    Dagenn –

    That you have invested such time responding is welcome and for that I do thank you.

    Read on, your comments are welcome, as are those of others who read this.

    Noman Teserak

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