I Will Fight No More, Forever

Chief Joseph
laying down his bow said:
I will fight no more, forever

Close, I am close, my love

Your struggle
Is a fight

Close, I am close, my heart

A fight
You cannot give up
To do so means loss
of your soul

The Nez Pierce Chief
Saying these words
Handed his soul to the
White invaders
He was soon gone

Close, I am close, my eyes

You may pause
You may wait
You may bide your time
You must not stop

I will fight no more….
Life is struggle
All is struggle
To be excellent ‑ struggle
To be good ‑ struggle
To be hard‑working ‑ struggle
All, struggle

Close, I am close, my soul

For you
I wish

Those who wish for justice without struggle
Wish for the beauty of the ocean without its mighty roar
Wish for rain without thunder and lightning
There is no life without struggle

So so good, so kind
So smart, so……

I wish you struggle
and joy and love and happiness
yes, and love

This is how much
I care for you

Close, I am close.

July 2012


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