A Dream

I saw you

Eyes as black as olives
A neck that thousands died for on the fields of Troy
A mouth that puts Mona Lisa to shame
The fingers of a pianist
The laugh of a thousand leaves rustling in the wind

All of this I saw
in a dream

I reached out to touch you
in greeting
Hand over heart
My greeting to
a friend
a student
a love
– only the second in my life –
and you were gone

I walk
I breathe
I talk
I smile
I work
All a lie

Daily, I am hollowed out
I bleed continuously
I scan the electronics….a message

Perhaps it is I
that is ruined
Perhaps it is I
that needed to run
Perhaps, Pamela,
in that field of olive trees so many years ago,
I was right to have feared the tsunami that would follow loving you

Paths taken cannot be changed
I did take your hand
in that field
rustling silver-green leaves in the gentle breeze
gentle as the swaying of your hips
Shooting stars as plentiful as the kisses showered upon you
in a sky as black as your eyes

Paths taken cannot be changed
nor would I

But I am hollow
and I bleed

And now,
you are gone.
I am alone

3 July, 2012


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