For Whom Do I Write ?

I dont write
to hear applause
There is no applause.

I dont write
to hear my voice
My voice has been
near silent I now sit

I write for her
whose life
whose every day
whose every minute
whose every breath
is suffused
with pain

I write for him
Whose every heartbeat
is hollow
a heart that continuously
that cant fill

I write for us
The hull of a submarine
couldnt withstand this
that threatens
to buckle
me, you

I write because I remember
I remember –
was it a dream –
walking on the beach
the ice-cold water
lapping at our ankles
taking your hand
warm in the cold

I write…..
I write…..
To speak of the
of having been
in heaven.
Now cast out.

Was it a dream ?
3 April, 2013


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I am Noman
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