Unicornio Azul

I found
that my blue unicorn
was gone

I left her
and now she is gone

Even if there were
more than one of her
it is this unicorn,
my blue unicorn,
that I want

We took many trips
my unicorn and I
Some in our minds
some real

I retraced all of our steps
Was she there ?
In one of those places ?

But no,
And more:

The olive grove where
we rode and spoke of poetry
Burned to ash

The island
Where we once
danced –
while far away we
heard the laughter of
men and women in love –
washed away

The cafe
in Paris
Windows boarded
Tables gone

Tears wash over
my soot-stained face
upon which we once
my blue unicorn and I

We laughed and loved
We ran and walked
We sat and talked

I must find this unicorn
Even if there were
more than one
it is she
that has disappeared
it is she that I want

Mi unicornio azul
Ayer se me perdio
Pastando le deje
Y desaparicio

In a pool of clear water
I wash the soot and tears away

I go on with my search
I go on with my life

The two are

I will find her
My blue unicorn
Linked always


Thanks to Silvio Rodriguez for inspiration


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