What If It were My Child ?

It is 100 days
Who were these 20 ?

An astronaut and a physicist
A physician and a nurse
A policeman, a CEO, an artist, a violinist, a cellist
A rock musician, a novelist, an electrician, a plumber
A Marine corporal
A landscape architect, a farmer
A teacher, a scientist, a husband, a wife

These were my children
My grandchildren,
and yours
These were my nieces and nephews,
and yours
They were the children of my friends and family,
and yours.

All –
potential Nobel laureates, our future –

To never know another kiss
To never know a lover’s caress.
To never know old age and grandchildren

So much to never know.

Why ?
Florida gives its’ millionth
concealed weapons permit
Who is safer ?

Are we brave enough ?
Doing right in the face of overwhelming
fear….are we ?

What if
one of these children
were yours ?
mine ?
They are
all ours

28 March, 2013


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I am Noman
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